Our Mission:


PureMadi works

at the intersection of

water, societal,

and human health



Our Mission

To prevent waterborne diseases through educating, training, and empowering resource-limited communities to produce and distribute an innovative point-of-use water treatment technology.

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our Impact

In response to the global health crisis concerning clean water, PureMadi designed an inexpensive point-of-use water filter with the potential to help billions of people throughout the world purify their drinking water, and thus prevent water-quality related disease and death. Water is essential for human health, and consistent access to safe drinking water is a significant global problem. We work to educate people about the global water crisis, collaborating with locals, and empowering people to bring solutions to their own communities. PureMadi has two ceramic water filter facilities that employ local South Africans to produce and distribute ceramic water filters.

Despite the availability of various water-treatment products, approximately 1.8 billion people drink water that is contaminated with waterborne pathogens. Consumption of unsafe water results in 1.2 billion cases of illness and 2.2 million deaths per year.

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