PureMadi works at the intersection

of water, societal, and human

health disciplines.

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Our Mission

PureMadi works at the intersection of water, societal, and human health disciplines. PureMadi is working to create, test, and implement appropriate technologies to improve water quality, human health, and quality of life for the world’s poorest communities.  Our solutions are grounded in sustainability principles that enable communities to help solve their own water problems.

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PureMadi’s goal as a nonprofit is to design, develop, and manufacture water-treatment technologies that are effective, simple, and affordable and that fit the lifestyle requirements of people and communities throughout the world.

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PureMadi uses local labor and resources for all filter production and distribution.

PureMadi products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes economic impact, without significantly and adversely affecting costs and affordability.


The Vision

At PureMadi we believe that safe drinking water should be accessible everywhere; as a result, our products will be sold and priced in a manner that balances costs and profitability with the economic circumstances of customers.

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Core Values

Women’s Empowerment

The majority of the staff at our facilities are women who manage, produce, and distribute the ceramic water filters to their respective communities.

Education/Drinking water and hygiene in schools

A significant driver in resource limited communities is cultural and social acceptability.

Community Development

Our goal is to create a blueprint for a successful facility, including its architecture, efficiency of water and energy use, technological performance of the filter itself, and an effective and sustainable business model.

Read more about our core values on our 2018 annual report.