PureMadi is excited to announce that we have made significant progress on the development of our second filter facility! Khulisa Social Solutions, a South African NGO which addresses social vulnerabilities and helps build up grass-root projects, is PureMadi’s community partner in this second facility. Khulisa has worked on various projects which emphasize poverty alleviation, crime reduction, victim empowerment, enterprise development and community support. Over the course of the year, Khulisa project manager Zain Halle and PureMadi President Rebecca Kelly negotiated and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the two organizations to work under as they develop the second facility. Khulisa plans to initiate marketing efforts in the Hammanskraal area once the facility is closer to completion.

Read more about the history of our Hammanskraal Facility

In the summer of 2014, Board Member Jim Smith along with Officers Rebecca Kelly, Theresa Hackett and Sydney Schrider selected a site location for the second facility in the Gauteng province in the city of Hammanskraal. Permission to build a facility from the Tribal Offices of Hammanskraal was obtained and a land survey has been conducted. Rebecca, Theresa and Sydney were also able to meet with two future filter facility employees, Grace and Paulina. Grace and Paulina are very enthusiastic about the project and have high hopes for what it will bring to the community. Grace and Paulina came to visit the Mukondeni Factory to meet the Mukondeni potters and learn about the filter making process. The women at Mukondeni even taught them about their traditional pottery.

In the summer of 2015 a UVA Jefferson Public Citizens team comprised of Matthew Smith, Alice Burgess, Max Barab and Anna Wallace spent a month in Hammanskraal. They helped to initiate and oversee the start of construction the filter facility as well as further develop community ties. Grace and Paulina were at the facility every day and got family and friends of theirs excited about the project as well. Construction is being done by a local company as well volunteers in the community who are very much committed to the project. One of our future employee’s husbands has big plans for the entrance of the facility – he has begun planting lemon and orange trees, even a vegetable garden.

On one side of the facility there is an elementary school and on the other a church is being built so we anticipate a lot of great educational opportunities with these two neighbors.

We are all very much looking forward to getting the second facility up and running!

Meet Nkosinobubelo Ndebele (Nkosi for short)!

She is a native of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She graduated as valedictorian from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe in 2014 with a degree in Environmental Science and Health, motivated by the lack of both clean water and support for environmental issues back in Bulawayo. Nkosi came to PureMadi after completing a one-year internship for a Bulawayo-based NGO called Dabane Trust where she learned about water purification technology with a focus on sand abstraction systems. She believes that PureMadi’s silver nanoparticle filtration method is a particularly effective and sustainable solution to making clean water more accessible to developing communities and is excited about its potential to mitigate the spread of waterborne illness across South Africa. In the next few years, she hopes to be inspired by PureMadi’s methodologies and eventually go back to school for a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering to create her own new technology which will help the global effort to improve access to clean water.

The construction has been completed at the Hammanskraal Facility and we will soon begin testing filter recipes. We will begin to work with local schools in the coming months to partner with them to put filters in classrooms and educate students about the importance of water and health.